Jazz Up Your Week With NYC’s Best Live Performances at Arthur’s Tavern

It’s commonly said that you haven’t truly listened to jazz until you’ve listened to it performed live. Jazz is, by its very nature, improvisational. That means that no two performances are ever the same. The musicians take their cues from each other, from the energy in the room, and straight from their musical souls to fuel their interpretation of the music.


The good news for jazz connoisseurs and newbies alike is that there are plenty of places to find live jazz in NYC. Top of any list is Arthur’s Tavern, one of the oldest jazz bars in the city. Just about every night of the week, you’ll find virtuosos from across the jazz spectrum taking our stage in style. As the new year begins, let’s wander through our calendar of upcoming performances to highlight some jazz evenings you won’t want to miss.

Swingin' Classics - Celebrating the Golden Era of Jazz

What jazz bar would be complete without plenty of opportunities to relive the golden age of jazz? Some of the most approachable jazz comes from the earliest jazz styles, like swing, ragtime, and Dixieland.


Swing is probably most recognizable in the form of the big band jazz sound that became popular in the 1930s and ‘40s. Usually on a smaller scale, Dixieland is most associated with New Orleans, where it was born. Its joyful sound incorporates improvisation from all the musicians in the band at the same time. Ragtime, on the other hand, foregoes some of the improvisational elements for intricate, upbeat melodies, usually with the piano leading the way.


If this is the music that floats your boat, the Arthur’s Tavern lineup has plenty for you to enjoy. Get swinging with Mimi & the Podd Brothers or dive into the ragtime greats with Terry Waldo’s Gotham City Band. For the Dixieland lovers, The Grove Street Stompers and The Creole Cookin’ Jazz Band will get your toes tapping in no time.

Groovin' With Blues & Latin Soul: A Contemporary Fusion Twist

Jazz has always inspired and been inspired by other music genres. It’s a part of what makes jazz such a musical chameleon. At many modern jazz shows in NYC, musicians’ repertoires cross over into genres like blues and R&B. Sometimes, they’ll even take songs from those genres and give them a jazzy twist. Latin jazz is famous for its strong Latin sound palette, taking the jazz approach to that unmistakable energy and rhythm.


Feel the Latin beats and other contemporary jazz standards at Arthur’s Tavern. There are a few fusion-oriented artists to watch out for over the coming months. The Yuichi Hirakawa Jazz Group, led by drummer, percussionist, and composer Yuichi Hirakawa, incorporates blues and R&B into their straight-ahead jazz repertoire, while pianist Axel Tosca brings an Afro-Cuban flavor to his creative contemporary jazz. Axel is the son of renowned Cuban Trova singer Xiomara Laugar, who will be making a special appearance on 27 January 2024.

Go Beyond Boundaries With Post-Bop & Free Jazz

As a genre of music, jazz is constantly evolving. Those at the cutting edge often play what has become known as post-bop, now a staple of some jazz clubs in NYC. Built on a foundation of free jazz, modal jazz, and the other styles that came before it, this jazz style dabbles in the innovative and unexpected. It might be the most difficult style for a new listener to get into at the first meeting, but if you give it time and some active listening, it can be incredibly musically rewarding.


To sample some of this experimental jazz energy, check our calendar for performances by Eri Yamamoto as part of a Duo or Trio. A skilled jazz pianist and composer, Yamamoto has a lyrical, evocative style that draws inspiration from her native Japan and the jazz culture of her adopted home in New York. Her evocative music pushes boundaries, exploring her life and personal experiences.

Immerse Yourself in the Jazz Experience at Arthur’s Tavern

Live jazz in NYC might just be the peak jazz experience. As you would expect from one of jazz’s coziest home bases in New York City, there’s something to enjoy every night of the week at Arthur’s Tavern. From the old-time greats to contemporary trailblazers, our bar has played host to the best of jazz across genres and styles for decades.


It’s time to order your drink of choice and settle in for a night of jazz at Arthur’s Tavern. Check out our calendar for upcoming performances and schedule your next visit in 2024.