Mixing it Up: Signature Jazz-Inspired Cocktails at Arthur’s Tavern

When Arthur’s Tavern first opened its doors, jazz was all the rage in the West Village bars. The genre is a style, an attitude, and it has picked up influences from all kinds of music and musicians around the world. The term jazz encompasses a variety of different styles, from hard bop to Dixieland, all stemming from the emphasis on improvisation and personal expression through music. If you think you don’t like jazz, there’s a good chance you just haven’t listened to the right kind.


Many of the genre’s greatest performers have graced Arthur’s stage, so it’s no surprise that it’s ingrained in our DNA to this day. The bar is known for being a hotspot for jazz performances, but did you know that the music style even infuses our menu? Yes, even the specialty cocktails at Arthur’s Tavern sing, each inspired by a different jazz subgenre. Whether or not you’re a connoisseur, our cocktails are the perfect way to explore the many moods of this complex, innovative music.

Get Swinging With The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On cocktail evokes the energy of swing jazz, which came to prominence in the big band era of jazz. Easy, loose, and appealing, swing jazz invites you to dance while still giving soloists a chance to show off their musical chops. It features bold horns and the kind of catchy rhythms that go right to your feet without asking your brain for permission.


This is a style of music that knows how to have fun, and so does the cocktail it inspired. The Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka and Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey bring bold flavors ready to have a party on your tongue. The coffee kick blends with the sweet nuttiness to create a playful harmony, a smooth and creamy bittersweet blend.

Feel the Afro-Cuban Jazz Beats

Arthur’s Word is a rum cocktail that evokes the sultry sounds of Afro-Cuban jazz. The Diplomatico Rum is blended with grapefruit juice and maple syrup, balancing sweetness with a sharp citrus kick that brings the tropical flair of this jazz genre’s Latin influences. The fusion of flavors is a nod to the cultural fusion that is at the core of Afro-Cuban jazz music.


This style of jazz was born – where else? – in Cuba, but its influences span Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. One of the earliest forms of Latin jazz, its lively melodies have a rhythmic complexity designed to get shoulders shimmying. This jazz is all about the rhythm and groove, that signature Afro-Cuban sound paired with jazz improvisation and spontaneity. For all that in a glass, look no further than this delightful cocktail – take Arthur’s Word for it!

Blow Off Some Smoke With Jazz Fusion

The 1960s was a time of cultural upheaval in the United States, and this was reflected in an electrifying jazz revolution. The creation of jazz fusion was decried by purists at the time as it shook up jazz by incorporating the sounds of rock and roll. Sometimes called jazz rock, to which it is closely related, this style brings jazz to the electric guitar, electric piano, synthesizers, and bass guitar, previously (and still) heavily associated with rock.


The Smoking Revolver is our jazz fusion cocktail, and for good reason. It combines the spicy sweet notes of Woodinville Straight Rye with the bittersweet creaminess of Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and Creme de Cacao, finished with a splash of aromatic bitters. It’s a fusion of contrasting flavors that come together to create something wonderful on the palate. The smoky presentation is a wink to the edgier sounds of rock, an innovative touch that echoes the boundary-pushing jazz style that inspired it.

Think Outside the Box With Rosemary & Acid Jazz

Another fusion experience is acid jazz, which pairs elements from funk, soul, and electronic music with jazzy rhythms to create music to groove to. A relatively new style, acid jazz layers traditional jazz instruments like trumpets with smooth, contemporary beats and soulful vocals. It takes what most people associate with the word jazz and turns it on its head, proving that jazz is more than a genre: it’s a feeling, an energy, a vibe.


Our Rosemary Blues mocktail is acid jazz in a glass, blending unexpected elements to create something new and refreshing. The tart blueberry, earthy rosemary, sweet honey syrup, and sour lemon juice each bring a distinct flavor profile to the party. When combined with club soda, all the diverse elements come together to create something new and delicious. Now that’s acid jazz – a sweet treat for your ears.

Raise a Glass & Get Jazzy at Arthur’s Tavern

No matter your jazz preference, you can enjoy it at Arthur’s Tavern. With live performances just about every day of the week, you’re sure to be entertained – and you can enjoy the perfectly matched cocktail at the same time. Our specialty cocktails are our signature, but our bar  is bursting with our fine selection of spirits, wine, and beer as well. Join us and enjoy the vibe of one of the oldest West Village bars. Pick your favorite and settle in for an evening of jazz, drinks, and good company at Arthur’s Tavern.