Keeping The Speakeasy Legacy Alive at Arthur’s Tavern

Picture it. A smoky room, dimly lit. The sound of jazz in the air.

The history of the speakeasy in NYC is a fascinating one. Born out of necessity, these hideyhole bars have become a symbol of the Roaring Twenties, especially in the Big Apple. A century later, the mystique and glamor have made this a popular theme for bars and pubs across the city. For most, the speakeasy vibe is just a part of the theme. For Arthur’s Tavern, it’s a part of our history and who we are.

If you’re wondering what a speakeasy is, you’re not alone. Take a quick trip with us through the history of the speakeasy and its influence on the New York bar scene.

Prohibition & The Origin of the Speakeasy


Picture It: West Village, New York City, 1937


From Crime to Trend: The Speakeasy of Today

In the early 2000s, bars began to pop up that emulated the secretive yet fun jazz-age splendor of the speakeasy, igniting an enduring trend. From bars hidden in unlikely places to Art Deco palaces, the speakeasy experienced a massive revival across America and around the world. The secrecy that had once been necessary to avoid the long arm of the law now became a part of the fun, an extra sprinkling of glamor.

The modern NYC speakeasy pays homage to the city’s rich history in its atmosphere, minus the threat of being arrested for being there. The lighting is often low to create a feeling of intimacy, and some level of effort has usually been made to make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a luxurious version of the past.

Arthur’s Tavern bypasses the pretentiousness or overdone feeling of many contemporary speakeasies simply by staying true to itself. It’s the real deal, a true icon in the greatest city on earth. There’s no cover charge, just great drinks and great music.

Take A Trip Back in Time at Arthur’s Tavern