Eve Silber


A singer, guitarist and songwriter, Eve Silber performs a repertoire of jazz standards and substandards in and around New York City. A long time resident of  Greenwich Village, Eve received much of her training in the Village, under the tutelage of guitar great Dave Van Ronk, as well as in the accompaniment of the great dames of Grove Street: Marie Blake, and Mable Godwin. She carries out her love affair with the American Songbook in a swinging fashion, and with the traditional joy of the traditional jazz era. Eve Silber began performing regularly at Arthur’s Tavern in 2000.

“A sultry voiced songsmith. Her Wes Montgomery stylings are smooth and adept.” — Greenwich Village Gazette

“She’s not only very good… she’s interesting! I can sit and listen happily for as long as she wants to sing and play.” — Dave Van Ronk

“She has such an insightful way with lyrics that she makes old stories new again.” — Dirty Linen Magazine”

Artist website: https://www.evesilber.com/

Date & Time

January 01, 1970

Begin time: 12:00AM
End Time: 12:00AM