Organ Monk Trio


Gregory Lewis, a prominent presence in New York City’s jazz and blues scenes, is renowned for his proficiency on the Hammond organ and his virtuosity in interpreting the compositions of the legendary pianist-composer Thelonious Monk. Growing up as a 70s kid in Long Island City, part of Lewis’ societal foundation is deeply rooted in the height of the soul and funk eras. The young listener’s fascination with Monk was sparked by his father’s record collection, and its profound impact inspired him to become a devoted student of the idiosyncratic music for piano. By the time Lewis became a teenager, he was playing professionally around his native New York City. Not long after enrolling in The New School’s jazz program, Lewis’ mentor and teacher, legend Gil Coggins, would send him to sub at a gig only to discover that instead of a piano there was a Hammond B3. This was a defining moment in Lewis’ career that would set him on the path to becoming a bona fide organist. It was when Lewis heard organist Larry Young perform a version of “Monk’s Dream” that he knew that he wanted to focus on interpreting Monk’s music on the organ. Lewis’ artistry has been honed and enriched through a lifetime of commitment and performance, leading to a wealth of opportunities and acclaim. Over the course of a long-standing career, the limelight has intensified on his immense talent as the leader of his own all-star Organ Monk trio, quartet, and quintet.

Date & Time

January 01, 1970

Begin time: 12:00AM
End Time: 12:00AM