Reverend Vince Anderson and his Love Choir


The Minister of Music Has BeenTaking His‘ Dirty Gospel’ Ministry to the Street for 25 Years

Feature-Length Documentary Makes Theatrical Premiere in NYC, July 22nd

LOS ANGELES — July 2022 — For Immediate Release: The Reverend Vince Anderson isn’t just playing original, gospel/rock music, his raucous, revival-style “Progressive Christian” ministry in a bar has been uniting people for 25 years, attracting both the faithful and atheists alike.

Defining his musical style as “DirtyGospel,” Reverend Vince, backed by his five-member band, the TheLoveChoir(com-prised of noted musicians from well-known bands), has performed now-legendary, high-voltage,weeklyshowatBrooklyn’sUnionPoolclub, moving everyone whose simply. As an activist with an unabashedly unapologetic, Woodstock-era swagger, he works with other progressive faith leaders at home and around the country to build inclusive communities.

Now his story and unique approach to faith has been captured in a feature-length documentary, TheReverend, making its theatrical premiere during a one-week run beginning July 22 at IFC Center, 3236 the Ave., NewYork.

About The Reverend…
The Reverend Vince Anderson made his way to New York City in the ‘90s to enter the seminary, but his true calling, music, changed his life forever and continues to change the lives of others. With his band, The Love Choir, The Reverend’s soulful gospel/rock, and iconic weekly show have become an institution. Through powerful, revival-style performance and street-level social activism, Vince’s intimate journey of faith and fervor serves as a genuine example of modern spirituality.

Highlighted by an original music score by Reverend Vince Anderson & The Love Choir, the film features Vince Anderson and the members of The Love Choir, including Jaleel Bunton (guitar), “Moist” Paula Henderson (saxophone), Ryan Sawyer (drums), Dave “Smoota” Smith (trombone), and Daniel Fabricatore (bass).

Also sharing their insights are Questlove, drummer and front man for The Roots; minister Jay Bakker, son of evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker Messner; producer, guitarist, and recording artist Eric Ambel; multi-instrumentalist Kyp Malone, a member of the bands’ TV on the Radio, Iran, Rain Machine and Ice Balloons; writer, chef, and soup kitchen activist Millicent Souris; and musician Billy Campion, frontman of The Bogmen.

A production of Observant Films, LLC, The Reverend Is the feature film directorial debut of documentarian Nick Canfield, who also served as cinematographer (whose DP credits include Iris). Edited by Paul Lovelace. Produced by Nick Canfield. Co-producers are Nicholas Daniele and Paul Lovelace. Distributed by Factory 25.

Says Canfield, “It’s not just the music that blows me away, it’s the feeling of community in the room. Vince rains sweat on the keyboard as he pounds the keys, wades into the crowd to embrace the audience, climbs on the bar and has been known to get naked on stage. People come from all over the world to see him and are enthralled by his kaftan-clad stage presence and Americana music.”

“Though what makes Reverend Vince’s story special, goes well beyond the music. ”Canfield continues.“ It is the community he fosters at his shows, the change he affects with his activism, and his compassion for humankind. His modern and inclusive spirituality is a different kind of progressive Christianity, one that resonates with believers and atheists alike and can be a force for good. This film gives audiences something we have all been missing and need right now, the feeling of being together in shared joy.

”Watch the Trailer:
Interviews/Review Link Available Upon Request. Documentary. Not Rated. Running Time: 86Minutes.

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January 01, 1970

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